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Alternative Investment

Consulting Services


Performance Anaysis

Performance Anaysis

Investment Advisory Services

Investment Advisory Services

3rd Party Fund Administrator Service

3rd Party Fund Administrator Service

Other Support Services

Other Support Services

Customized Alternative Investment solutions By KAIRI

KAIRI's customized alternative investment consulting service consists of  Performance analysis, Advisory, and 3rd party fund administrator services. Consulting services are as in the following.

Performance Analysis


  1. AI portfolio performance analysis
    (alpha-beta separation, return attribution, factor analysis)


  2. AI portfolio Risk analysis
    (risk measure, scenario/stress testing,contingency plan)  



  1. Consultancy report on asset allocation issues
    (SAA, TAA, DAA)

  2. AI process advisory

  3. Manager selection(quantitative/qualitative analysis)

3rd party fund administrator services


  1. NAV calculation

  2. Portfolio reconciliations, NAV estimation

  3. Performance measurement, statistical
    reporting, monitoring reports 
    (each asset/product)

  4. Valuation, Style analysis, Market report

  5. Compliance  issues advisory

Advantages on KAIRI's customized investment solutions for institutional investors


  • Transferring operational risks, Focus on investment process

  • Cost reduction, Effective monitoring

  • Enhancing transparency through timely reports

  • Using fund admistrator's specialized investment insights (asset allocation, manager selection, etc...)

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