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We conduct applied investment researches with alternative investment management companies through partnerships.
It covers periodic seminars, forums, working papers and academic association activities. KAIRI Research provides capital market summaries to help frame the current alternative investment for our clients. It covers (1)Cooperation AI Research, (2)Recent Market Trend/Issues, (3)Cooperation between academia and financial field, (4)Arrangement for Research Council.

Cooperation AI Research


Through research partnerships with global alternative investment organizations, KAIRI covers applied research in alternative investment industry issues. Cooperation research includes comprehensive activities such as joint research, conference, seminar, publication, and product development. As a research institute, we are aiming for becoming an Think-Tank in alternative investment industry enough to produce feasible investment insights.


Korea Alternative Investment Association


KAIA(Korea Alternative Investment Association) is an academic association which is composed of alternative investment market specialists(academia, industry, policy maker, authority, market participants). In order to boost Korea alternative investment market, participants are conducting joint activities (research, seminar, forum, networking event, etc...) and addressing investment issues. Through KAIA, we are aiming for cooperation between academia and financial industry and developing political alternatives enough to contribute value to Korea financial market.

Market Trend/Issues


We provide global alternative investment issues or trends regularly. It includes investment issues(Hedge funds, PEF, Real Estate, Infrastructure, Commodities), alternative investment market participants(pension, union, sovereign wealth funds, asset management company), indices, noticeable publication, interview, news. 

Alternative Investment Research Council 


In order to promote mutual exchange between Korea alternative investment industries, we are arranging for founding Alternative Investment Research Council. AIRC will conduct research, regular seminar/forum, network events.

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